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Rules of Posting

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Rules of Posting

Post  Ragnar on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:44 pm

Rules of Posting:
1. PLEASE post 4 sentences in every reply post.

2. If starting a Topic please have at least one decent sized paragraph. [At least 8 sentences.]

3. If you need a topic locked because you're going away for a certain amount of time then contact me through PM

4. Do NOT take over peoples Topics. If someone starts a topic reply 1 post and then wait for the person who started it to reply before you reply. Posts will be deleted if you have over taken topics or you will be cautioned.

5. Watch how many actions you are doing in each post, especially in the training clearing.

6. Watch out for God modding in topics - especially in the Training Clearing's.

7. You are allowed to make a private topic but they can't be private unless stated in the Topics name.

8. If you do not want to post with a certain person for a certain reason please PM and Admin and we can watch out for it.

9. Short posts ARE allowed in the out of character post but NO SPAMMING. If I catch Spamming in the topics I will delete it.

10. Have FUN posting, there's no point in being on here if you don't have fun.

11. Please put **End of Topic** when you are finished the topic.

12. All Names Must follow a Norse/Viking naming Trend.

13. All Daemon's must be real animal's
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