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Basic Site Description - To be Continued.

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Basic Site Description - To be Continued.

Post  Ragnar on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:27 am

The land of Valkyrie lies to the edge of a region known as the eye of terror. Valkyrie is a world of ice and fire, dominated by extremes of climate. Most of its surface is covered by water and its tiny land masses scattered sparsely amongst the mighty sea. The one and only sizeable continent of Ashaeim, lies at the North Pole.

Valkyrie rotates in the orbit of pale sun, for much of ear long year the world is remote from even this feeble star and its surface remains’ icy cold. The Ocean’s freeze over as Valkyrie draw’s away from its sun and at its farthest point even the equatorial seas are covered with ice. The grinding mountain’s that punctuate the waters are stilled so that at the height of winter a man can walk between the many isles upon which the Valkyrian’s dwell. It is said that Sigurd the tall climbed the girdle of the world to the peaks of mount Fenris and here received the first and greatest of the daemon’s, his mighty deed’s earning him a place in the hall of the god’s.

Towards the end of the year, as the planet sweeps into the sun once more, the Wolf’s eye swell’s in the sky and a brief spring warms the surface. During this period the ice retreat’s to the poles and a gargantuan dweller’s of the deep water emerge to enjoy the bounty of sun-spawned plankton, blade fish and other short lived oceanic life form’s

As Valkyrie reaches the point at which it is closest to the sun the passage of the planet break’s and twist’s the sub ocean’s crust, exposing the molten core to the icy waters. It is then that the time of fire and water is at hand. With explosive violence the world is torn asunder and the tribes begin to fight for dominance. Blazing island's rise from the sea spewing flame and lava pouring down their slopes. Below the surface the water's boil into steam that engulfs Valkyrie with its sulphurous fumes. Great tidal waves scour the coasts of Asaheim. Islands created in the upheaval of preceding years are cast into turmoil by this global metamorphosis. Some endure, but many are broken apart of swallowed by the sea engulfed in the churning ocean' and casting their inhabitant's into the merciless deep. But the mighty rock tribesmen have known as Asaheim stand's fast, a singles changeless land amongst the ruin of torment.

Native Valkyrian’s are used to the annual pattern of destruction and have learnt to love the endless changing of their lands with a fierce warrior pride. Only on the polar continent of Ashaheim are the dwellers of Valkyrie protected to some degree from the extreme climate. Here there are many unique creatures.
To survive in such a land the Valyrian’s must be a warrior from the cradle to the grave. This is why the child-gift is the daemon, giving each warrior a constant companion to help and guide them along the road to power.

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