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Basic Plot.

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Basic Plot.

Post  Ragnar on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:33 am

The sun hang’s low in a clear blue sky as you stand in a field of the whitest snow. You look left and see your battle-brother return your smile, you look right and see another of them stood there defiant.

You are a Valkyrian. Blessed of Valkyrie. Chosen of the Slain.

You stand with axe in hand and try to fight for the dominance of your tribe above all the rest, as you seek a stable home to raise crop’s, land, and children on the shifting plain’s of Valkyrie and the unstable continent of Ashaeim.

Your axe is heavy is your hand as the enemy tribe roar’s it’s defiance and charges straight toward’s you, Daemon’s roaring, shrieking and bellowing as they charge with their soul master’s. They draw closure and closer, and you palm’s begin to sweat, you for the first time know fear..and a strong fear it is, then as the line’s meet..a glint of steel in the sunlight and..

Can you escape the fate of the warrior and rise to dominance for you and your tribe..?
Can you stand firm and wrest control of the tribe from your Thane?
Then you should join Valkyrie.
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