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General Site Rules

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General Site Rules

Post  Ragnar on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:48 pm

1. Treat all members with respect – There will be no discrimination on this site. If there is any of that behaviour it will result in an immediate ban. You may express your opinion but not in a purposefully hurtful way.

2. Keep Role-play and real life separate. If you have differences in real life please set them aside here.

3. No Godmodding, everyone should be given a chance to win a fight, before you start a fight please confirm between you both in PM who will win the fight.

4. You CANNOT role-play until your character has been accepted by TWO Admins/ Moderators.

5. Posts MUST be over 4 sentences long. It’s incredibly hard to reply to a one lined post.

6. Make sure each of your characters has a different colour that you write in. For example:
Character 1: Blue
Character 2: Red
Etc. It’s easier to see what character you are posting as rather than always repeating the characters name.

7. If you have finished a Topic please put **End of Topic** at the end so an Admin can remove it.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. PM an Admin or Moderator for help or post a question/ suggestion/ complaint in the designated section.

9. Get to know people in the out of character section at the bottom of the forum. Set up a fact file and talk to people on the Chat box at the top of the page.

10. Contribute to the site events like voting on the award polls and offering suggestions to make the site better.

11. Make sure you use an Actor/ actress or a singer or someone famous and add them to the face claim list. If you haven’t claimed your celeb and someone else does you will be asked to change to remember to claim your celeb!
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