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Festivals of the Stormwolf Clan

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Festivals of the Stormwolf Clan

Post  Zynoa Celestine on Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:03 am

Even though they are are tribe that can fight, the Stormwolf Clan prefers to be happy, and not tirfal in other Clan's issues. So in their spare time, where others spend at war, the tribe had many festivals they take part in and are known for.

The first in the year is know as the Lokata Festival, meaning the "Bringing of the new life" which is basically when the new year begins. In this festival they get rid of bad memories from the old year, people are fogiven, things confessed and the year is started on a positive note with all the things of the past forgotten. The celebration usually runs for two weeks where there are games and relaxing, no work is done during the time. The first week is all about "Sending away" the old year. It's the time of confessions and of getting rid of the things they no longer need. The second week is about bringing in the new year. During this time they buy new things, start a fresh and there's often a large festival that attracts people from all over.

The second celebration of the year is the Spring Cycle when they welcome in the season of spring and give thanks to Zephyrus for giving them this wonderful time of year. It's when most of the new animals are born and people gather flowers and make decorations and jewellry to sell. It's also the time of the year that if a new comer wishes it, they can begin their Pup initiation test to be welcomed and named as one of the tribe.

The third celebration of the Stormwolves is the Eye of the Wolf, which is when the pack of wolves that live in the mountainside come down to the forest nearby the Town. They leave out gifts and offerings of thanks for the wolves being the protectors of the Tribe. It's also a time to pay thanks to the Goddess, Astraea.

The next celebration is the Lightening Festival which is in the summer season. The summer storms are the most powerful and it's often the time the Clan is at their strongest. Because of this it's often the time they go to war, or they harvest the lightening in the storms and use it to power their houses. It's often a two week celebration when they make new tribal clothes and pay thanks to Njor, the main God of the Tribe. They do sacrafices for protectio and offerings of thanks for the year he has stayed with them.

The fourth celebration is of the Arts and is held in August. It's a large carnival where people can show off their talents in the arts. It attracks a lot of people from all over the world and pays thanks to Erebus, who giften them with such talented people. It's a time people can learn new crafts and time of general happiness. It's always the favorite in the children's eyes.

The next celebration is the other time in the year in which people can take the initiation of the tribe. It's during Amalthea rule, when her star shines the brightest in the sky. It's a sign of goodluck and any child born in this time is told to be a warrior and bring greatness to the tribe. No such tribe has been born yet, but they wait. It's the luckiest time for men to take the initiation as it shows bravery with the bad weather.

The next to last celebration is of the Winter Solice, when the tribe prepares for the worst weather and says their farewells to the wolf pack who moves to the mountains in this time. It's often a time of peace and it's said it's the time most people fall in love because of the amount of beauty in the lands, the changing colours and the brightness and sharpness of textures. Because of this it's also a time to pay thanks to the tribes last Goddess, Selene.
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