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New Character Template

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New Character Template

Post  Ragnar on Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:58 pm


Race/ Species: Try to be different races if you're human, it's boring if you're all English - try Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian!

Appearance: Please write a small description of your character as well.

Eye colour(s):
Hair colour:
Build: Muscular, slim, athletic, strong, broad, narrow etc.
Features: Scars, wounds, tattoo's, piercings

Personality: [Fears, strengths, what makes them happy, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, worries, what are they like? ((Shy, brave, bold, enthusiastic etc.))]

History/Bio/Background: [You MUST include:
-How did they Join their Chosen Tribe?
- Where were they born?
- How did they get to Valkyrie?
- Why did they come to Valkyriw?
- How did they become what they are [If you are Warrior, Farmer, Healer]
You can also include things like childhood memories, how their lifestyle was, their parents, naming important people in their lives etc.]
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