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Supprising event.

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Supprising event.

Post  Seffia on Thu May 06, 2010 7:37 am

Selene walked through the clearing to the beautiful green forest. She had no idea where she was or anything all she knew was that tree's surrounded her. Helpful.
She ran a hand through her short blonde hair that only fell to the top of her collar bone, her bright beautiful sea blue eyes looking around at the area.

Spark; her daemon, galloped out from behind one of the trees in his horse form. He ducked his head and galloped towards Selene, diving under her legs and lifting her onto his back cheekily. Selene giggled and quickly grabbed a hold of the horse as she was lifted up onto his back, almost falling off with the impact. But she just managed to stay upright on the horse. She stroked his pure white mane with a giggle, speaking through her laughter.
"Sparky..." She tutted before she giggled again.
"That was irresistable." Spark replied with a chuckle, joking.

Spark suddenly galloped off fast into the forest, passing all the tall trees and little shrubs. Selene blinked and held onto him tightly, watching everything fly past them. The wind blew through the little hair she had, as her bright eyes scanned around them. They were moving so fast everything looked like a blur.
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