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Malus 'Darkblade' Hag Graef Morkai

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Malus 'Darkblade' Hag Graef Morkai

Post  Lanstrlen on Fri May 14, 2010 3:21 pm

Name:Malus of Hag Graef (Morkai)
Nicknames: Darkblade
Hometown:Morkai village (called Hag Graef by the Morkai)
Race- Druchii(what the Morkai call themselves)

Appearance: Malus is a sharp featured man with alabaster skin and unusually tapered ears. His face and body is littered with scars from his first days as Drachau(Thane) of the Morkai when many men tried to usurp his throne.His long hair is lank and jet black and his form is that of a lean sprinter and a master swordsman.

Eye colour(s):Black with no whites at all
Hair colour:Jet black
Height:6 foot 8 inches
Build: Muscular,athletic,lean
Features: Scars criss cross Malus' entire,lean form and flowing lines form tattoo's down his arms and chest.

Personality: Druchii,like Malus himself, are a race of harsh, warlike and vicious group of humans.The Druchii are cruel, sadistic raiders with much disdain for all other races, especially their lighter kindred.Many believe they are the most pure evil of all.Malus is the harshest and cruellest of them all,the most treacherous and dangerous man alive to this day.

The bastard son of the Vaulkhar of Hag Graef, (hence the surname Darkblade, a name given to all bastard Druchii) Malus displayed all the "virtues" expected from a Druchii - unscrupulousness, cruelty, cunning and ambition.Like all of his kin, he sought to extend his influence as far as he could.

In his early life Malus,like the rest of his people partook in his Hakseeker cruise,the sign that he was coming of age.When he reached the port of Kar Karond,a cove hidden from the rest of the world surrounded by 5 buildings,all workshops and then the docking area he met his first retainer,Silar Thornblood.Boarding the Corsair raider he set off to pillage and earn his riches.The cruise ended badly when the ships captain,paid by Malus' father,the Vaulkhar, attempted to drive Malus into the jaws of the Blackmane tribe but failed when Malus moved to take on the Stormwolf clan,coming away with much gold and 100 slaves(all farmers) in his hold,when he returned to Kar Karond he paid no head to the customs,making with all haste back to Hag Graef(the Morkai village) with his entire hold of treasure and slaves,straight into an ambush.

Many raiding cruises past including several where Malus built up a more than substantial debt to his funders and in the end he gave in,seeking treasure closer to home,the treasure of political power.
As time past he set his half-brothers and sisters against each other until the day when 4 of the 6 had killed each other,1 had died when her cult was eradicated by his only remaining sibling,Urial,a cripple who was chosen by the temple of Khaine.

As more years past Malus used Urial's power to get many things,including a writ of iron which meant he spoke with the Drachau's own voice.Malus used this writ to order the Drachau's own guards to slay him and Malus' father,assuming both the position of Vaulkhar,which he then passed to Urial then the position of Drachau.

Glossary of Terms used within this application
Druchii-literally means dark one in the birth language of the Morkai
Drachau- Literally means hand of Darkness,one of the Witch king of legends six servants,the Drachau rule the Druchii in the legendary witch king's name.
Hakseeker- The proving cruise all Druchii under go when they come of age.
Vaulkhar- Literally meaning witch blade the Vaulkhar is also one of the witch king's legendary six servants,the Vaulkhar is the war leader of Hag Graef and almost always has a personal army of his own that he can use
Kar Karond- meaning the port of slaves,this is a small hamlet hidden from the sight of the realms by a large sea cliff,the port hides in the confines of a cove at the base of this cliff,deep within an under ground tunnel large enough for an entire city.
Hag Graef- The twilight place,the main home of the Druchii,a town of industry,slavery and flesh houses.By night the city streets are shrouded with a poisonous fog.

Malus' Daemon

Hydra form
History and Personality:Vorgrim is exactly like his master but in animal forms and has suffered the same painful life as Malus.

Hauclir: Hauclir is the only surviving member of Malus' retinue to-date, formerly the Captain of the Guard in Malus' tower within Hag Graef. He along with the rest of Malus' retainers, lost their positions after Malus killed Lurhan. Hauclir is a druchii of many talents, competent at commanding, stealing, and fighting just to name a few. Hauclir possesses an unusual loyalty towards Malus, this loyalty, along with his service, allows him and Malus to share an unusually light-hearted relationship between master and servant, Hauclir often making use of heavy sarcasm when talking to Malus, he is very impertinent, but too useful to kill. After Malus' murdered his father, Haculir, along with the other retainers attempted to kill Malus in order to restore their own honor, again displaying his strange loyalty, Hauclir wished to know if Malus had a clever plan, showing an incredible amount of faith in Malus, for a druchii that is. Hauclir and Malus later crossed paths at the siege of Ghrond(the name the Druchii use for the Blackmane village) against the Blackmane tribes forces where Hauclir had become a mercenary captain and Malus was now the Witch King's champion.Hauclir re-entered Malus' service after their defeat at the hands of the Blackmane's.

Hauclir of Hag Graef is Malus' only surviving,trusted and established retainer.

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Re: Malus 'Darkblade' Hag Graef Morkai

Post  Zynoa Celestine on Wed May 19, 2010 2:30 pm

Deamons only have one form when they've fixed positions, they fix a position when you're 18. So you need to pick one form but other than that it looks fine.
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Re: Malus 'Darkblade' Hag Graef Morkai

Post  Seffia on Sat May 22, 2010 1:39 am

Agreed, Accepted when you've changed the age.
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Re: Malus 'Darkblade' Hag Graef Morkai

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