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Kaspar Zarek Casimir

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Kaspar Zarek Casimir

Post  Astrid Elisa Vinje on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:56 am

Name: Kaspar Zarek Casimir
Nickname(s): Kaz
Age: 19

Gender: Male
Hometown: Valkyrie
Race/ Species: Polish Warrior with an affinity for the bow and arrow.

Appearance: Kaspar is very tall and handsome. He looks like a standard warrior, with long hair and intense eyes. He takes good care of his body and likes to look good all the time. He usually wears the traditional tribal clothes of his clan. Kaspar will sometimes put his hair in a ponytail, but most of the time leaves it down and enjoys the "rockstar" kind of look that goes with his demeanour. He is always seen with his bow and arrows slung over his strong and broad shoulders.

Eye colour(s): Green
Hair colour: Light brown
Height: 6ft 3"
Build: Kaspar is very muscular, broad and tall. He looks very strong - which he is due to all the training he does.
Features: Kaspar has a scar on his chest were an arrow slashed him open in battle.

Personality: Kaspar is very confident, especially in battles. He will always stick up for the people he loves and he is not afraid of getting scraped in a fight. He keeps his bow with him at all times for protection. Kaspar finds it difficult to trust people but when he does he is loyal to them for life. He loves his clan leader and he wouldn't let anything happen to her at all. Kaspar, although serious a lot of the time, loves to laugh. He enjoys kicking back and enjoying himself and letting his hair down so to speak. He also has a soft spot for atractive women and is quite the ladies man.

History/Bio/Background: Kaz is part of the Dragongaze clan. He was born into it from his parents, Mowina and Laslaw Casimir. His parents had moved from Poland to Valkyrie to avoid the civil war that was threatening. They spoke fluent Polish as well as English, so Kaz is bilingual, too.
Kaz was born in his childhood home; a small little building right on the edge of the settlement. His parents never really interacted with anyone. Kaz loved his parents very much and they got on well, with only a few little fights. Kaz's father taught him to fight, while his mother taught him to love and feel emotions.
But when Kaz's father died in battle, he knew he was ready to be a warrior. He signed up to protect Calina Dragongaze, and has done so from his seventeenth birthday. Ever since he began protecting his clan leader, Kaz moved out of his home and into a house nearer the centre of the settlement. He often goes back to visit his mother with money and supplies and she in turn cooks a large dinner for him and tells him stories of how his father was a great warrior.
Kaz may not have had the richest, best childhood around, but he loves his life, home and family very much, and will always remain loyal to those he has pledged himself to.
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