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Religion ~ Beliefs

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Religion ~ Beliefs

Post  Zynoa Celestine on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:04 am

The Gods in the stormwolf's clan are mostly elemental based, much like the Greeks and Romans. They have the god of Gods and then 5 other Gods for which mean other things. The first main God is Njol - the God of Storms.

Njol is one of the five main brothers, each clan having a different brother. Njol is this clans God of Gods. You may talk to him about anything but his main power is the Weather and is known for his firey temper which are shown in this world through storms. The Storms this God creates emit serious power and it's the time in which the Stormwolf Clan is at it's strongest. This is usually when they fight battles. If the clan wishes for a certain whether or luck in battle it's to this God they should turn. They see Storms as a good luck sign.

The other five Gods all have their own section in which people can ask them for help. There is:

Zephyrus - The God of Seasons. This God is responcible for the good crops and for the seasons to be rotating properly. When they are thrown out of proportion it's a sign something is up with the Gods as this God is always one to keep to the schedual.

Erebus - The God of the arts. This God is responcible for all the beauty in the world, the way the tree's knot, the way the leaves rustle, the way the birds sing and so much more. It is said if a child is born with a birth mark on their left cheek they have been gifted by Erebus in the talents of art. Zynoa is one of these gifted - there are only 3 in each generation!

Amalthea - The Goddess of War and Fighting. This Goddess is not one to be tampered with. She has a keen eye and can see a battle in slow motion if she wishes it. The clan members come to her before a battle and drink from the pure springs around her feet. It says it will bring you luck and your weopan will shed blood.

Astraea - Goddess of Nature and kindness. She is responcible for all the wonders in the world, from the Oceans to the stars. It's said you can see her kindess in the stars in a special constication around the moon with her lover - the Luna God from another clan. It respembles the joining of the Stormwolfs and the Bloodhowl clan.

And Selene - The Goddess of Love and Peace. It is her in which people marry in front of her. Her promises are binding till death and beyond so marriage is not something to be entered lightly!
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